LUTV Blog #5

by davidamelotti

Transferring to Lindenwood has provided every opportunity and more than I have desired. That is bold. Every opportunity? I transferred right? I was there for two years so I would hope I left with having learned something. I did of course as I took the risk of following through and training to be a disc jockey and learning to talk on air. Any day, I could go back and listen to my stop sets and shake my head remembering how frustrated I was at that time in my life. For radio, I got all the hands on experience I could have ask for but I wasn’t engaging in a larger conversation. I wasn’t reaching an audience I wanted to and I wasn’t producing material I was happy with.

I transfer to Lindenwood and within a month I found myself sitting on a television set 10 seconds from going live. One goal I made when I decided to transfer was to always say yes, to never turn down opportunity.

At LUTV, there are new lessons being learned all over and just last week, I learned how to engage a celebrity. A.J. Thouvenot was on season 8 of Project Runway. (If you don’t believe me, click here so you can view his profile)

The interview itself took five minutes as I only asked him two questions about his experience on the show. It was disappointing afterwards when I learned the video hadn’t been recorded in the control room. I always like shooting with the studio cameras because it is always a stellar shot. Despite that mistake, I got to spend an additional 40 minutes with A.J. learning about his influences, his style as well as getting some fashion advice. Now that I think about it, it was just positive reinforcement. I may dress like a 40-year-old but I look professional and I’m comfortable and if you want to place blame anywhere do so on my private education for high school. You should totally take the time, if you have time, to watch the story on A.J.’s visit to Lindenwood University and LUTV.

You may think to yourself, “What is the true impact of this semester on David?” The answer would be grand enough to encourage him to graduate.

Seriously, as always I’m a work in progress but the personal development as well as my ability to perform on air has changed dramatically. In fact, I don’t think I resemble that chubby freshman who forgot to turn his mic on for his first time speaking on the radio. I just want a chance and I’d like to believe that is what everyone has found themselves asking for at one point in their life. Just a chance to do something more than originally anticipated. Surprise a few people with a willingness to give it an effort.

I grew up with people who wanted to be lawyers or doctors, something stable that would allow them to have a family and live comfortably with no worries. That never seemed to attract me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve daydreamed of having a family. That is mainly to the relationship I have with my family. In case you are concerned, no I am not looking to help bring life into this world for several years. I’m merely saying when the time comes, I’ll be pretty happy.  I say all of that because I’ve always wanted to be out from behind a desk, I want to be with people. Just the other day someone asked what I wanted and I said the Tonight Show. That’s bold, ambitious, and honestly really freaking arrogant. I don’t mean to be but I’m just being honest – I think it would be cool to see if I could ever be considered an entertainer. John Lennon spoke about dreamers. I’m one of many… at least the paraphrased words of John Lennon.

After a conversation with my advisor and dean, I am going to graduate in May and take a chance as I look for a job…any job…I’ll maintain my dignity. The point here is that I really am excited because I didn’t believe I was ready but it seems like those around me believe something different. I’ll continue to work hard and listen. That really is the trick. A line a buddy of mine would always tell me when I was at SEMO was that leaders listen. It is insane how much you can miss if you don’t stop and just listen.


Remember that Brewery Package I was working on for what seemed like an eternity?! Here it is! Finally!

Earlier, I spoke about opportunity and this Monday, I could have the biggest one yet – Meeting with and interviewing Mike Matheny, Manager of the St. Louis Cardinals. It is healthy to dream because life will open doors as long as you foster a desire to risk success and failure.