Industry Blog #2

by davidamelotti

As a student at the university level studying the world of Mass Communications with an emphasis on radio and television, I still find myself having aspirations of pursuing journalistic writing. Ever since I learned the concept of the “five paragraph essay,” my academic writing took off and I could write a 15 page paper with ease. What I believe to be so fascinating with journalistic writing as well as with broadcast news writing is that I am forced to write in a concise manner rather than in a longer, more descriptive manner that I have been accustomed to for the majority of my life. Currently, being enrolled in the Super Semester curriculum at Lindenwood University, I have even gotten the opportunity to go out into the field for stories which is a thrill to shoot video and write a story to accompany my work.

I recently read “Dispatch From Italy: Citizen Journalism and YouReporter Making Waves,” a story by Karen Fratti where she begins telling a story of a conversation she shared with an Italian friend. She shares with her readers that in Italy, journalists have to be certified similarly to lawyers. As in the United States they have their independent journalists but they also now have everyday citizens reporting by submitting their work to the website, which is, “a crowd sourced, video sharing news platform that is widely used.” in Italy stated Fratti. Originally launched in 2008, co-founder Angelo Cimarosti began developing the idea as early as 2006 with the ambition to not capture the “big” news stories but rather those smaller occurrences that individuals on the local level could more easily relate to.

It was fascinating to learn on a busy day, the site can have upwards of 3000 videos uploaded compared to an average day when the media site doesn’t receive more than a few hundred. What is incredible is that many mainstream media formats use video from the site and it is entirely legal as long as they show the YouReporter logo.

Towards the end of the article there are a few pieces of advice the creators offer to those interested in posting on the site, one about zooming in while recording video. For anyone who knows Ed Voss, you know as well as I that it looks sloppy.

If you are interested in reading the full article to learn more about the site, just follow the link to YouReporter article found on

Thinking back to the beginning of my post, I really do enjoy academic writing. One interesting direction part of the world of journalism is turning is down the path of the use of personal narratives. Why does this fascinate me so much? Mainly because the idea of concise is mainly thrown out the window as good writing and strong story-telling are valued above other factors and I would assume accurate information as well.

I recently read, “Are Personal Essays the Future of Digital Journalism?,” by an individual identified as editern who wrote on the success of personal essays online on websites such as The website that considers the Huffington Post as competition has placed all efforts on sharing information through personal essays with a main focus on strong story-telling. Beginning in 1995, the sites reputation has only become more positive as a respectable source of news and information on “news, politics, pop culture and everything in between.” according to editern’s article. Another factor that has caused for this push is the acceleration of the number of bloggers on the internet. Not only does have to duel the big power houses but also every individual who believes their opinion is just as valuable which justifies the acquisition of a account.

The cause for concern for some stems from the belief that this form of journalism could overtake the long standing tradition of long form journalism. Sarah Hepola who is Salon’s personal essay editor shared her thoughts by stating, “Even if the personal essay is replacing long form narrative journalism, it’s not out of the question that both could serve the same ultimate goal: To broaden our understanding of the larger world.”

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