LUTV Blog Log #1

by davidamelotti

It was bound to happen, my first blog reflecting on the past three weeks; the beginning of my Super Semester Experience. I feel I have always been honest about the fact that it was intimidating making the decision to learn about television. With a background in radio of three years at the college level, my face hasn’t experienced much face time. In fact, I was always told when I was younger I wouldn’t make it in television so I always had my mind set on FM radio.

Our first week of the semester involved the observation of three newscasts from the early morning where stories are gathered, through the rush of getting scripts and rundowns in the hands of talent and crew, and of course the moment where the “On-Air” light goes off and Ed and Jill lead the post broadcast meeting. Last semester’s students in the program made everything look fairly simple. They had a rhythm as they all knew each other and clearly had developed the necessary skills to execute a 20 minute broadcast in four hours.

The light may be bright but no doubt my eyes are a blur trying to speed read my first few lines. First Day as Talent

Jump to the second week and I find myself co-anchoring the first broadcast and writing a number of stories. Do I look at the camera or do I look back at Taylor during the weather tease? Apparently writing in an active, present tense is more difficult than I thought. Without fail, I received the, “You have a really good second sentence,” comment from Jill.

After our first broadcast, Jill asked the class why everyone thought the transition from radio to television was smooth for me. Now, I haven’t seen a recording of the broadcast but I wouldn’t say smooth…if anything I survived the transition. From what others told me, I didn’t blink once the entire broadcast! I can’t recall who said it but the answer was my background in radio, I was beside myself. I thought that was making it more difficult for me but it seems to be an advantage when on camera. I hope if anything results from it, the idea of the LUTV crew working disc jockey shifts at KCLC is very tantalizing. I think it would be incredible to have Tuesdays and Thursdays be the Super Semester crew!

This past week has been hectic with other commitments but I felt almost overwhelmed with all I have learned, mainly with writing. My personal writing style is very descriptive and colorful. I’d imagine everyone else would just say I’m wordy and move along. Being concise, writing in the active tense for every story might seem simple enough but with some situations, I’ve found myself staring at the computer monitor with frustration. As certain tasks become more of a habit, I’m sure I will pick up on larger aspects of my writing to improve upon.

Friday, September 13th, my first VO-SOT will run on LUTV in which I highlight the early success of Lindenwood’s Men’s Soccer. Going down to Hunter Stadium Tuesday evening to shoot footage may have been one of the better experiences I have had in school. The day had already been long but a buddy of mine said he would join me and I found myself thoroughly enjoying myself behind the camera, trying to capture the dominating style of soccer Lindenwood has been spoiled with. The post game interview was exciting as I had to walk out to mid-field to meet with Coach Hutter to find my player. If I could go back, I would time travel to 4:00 P.M. that day and ask to keep the LED light in my bag. Unfortunately, I will be that student who has raccoon eyes on his subject.

With today being my first piece being featured, I don’t have any media to upload from this semester. However, I have this piece from the year prior and after watching some of my fellow colleagues in front of the camera, I know where I need to begin in order to improve my presence in front of the camera.