Moment Eternally Captured: Photo of News

by davidamelotti

The below link will take you to a Fox News story in which Fox accidently used a photo of a lesbian couple for an article promoting traditional marriage. Whoops! While searching the internet for photography utilized by the news that may question social standards, a thought passed by suggesting why not find a photo inappropriately used and how it affected how the story would be read.

Should this moment be made public?

The photo is of a lesbian couple at their wedding enjoying themselves as they celebrate the beginning of their life together. There is no problem at all with making this moment public. However, there is an issue if you are the editor or writer of the article as they were attempting to promote traditional marriage and in 2013, traditional marriage is defined as between a man and a woman. The use of this particular photo may be viewed as transcending norms or an editing fail.

Will being photographed send the subjects into further trauma?

This is quite possible if the readers are conservative, or just anticipating a wholesome article on marriage and its confines of the present 21st century.

Am I at the least obtrusive distance possible?

To be honest, it seems like the couple in the photo wanted their love and affection for each other to be captured as a keepsake. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind others seeing their happiness

Am I acting with compassion and sensitivity?

Again, the purpose of the photo was to capture the moment for the couple, not to be incorrectly placed in an article promoting the message that is counterproductive to their union.