Chapter 7 Case 7-D

by davidamelotti

1. Should Deep Cough have been allowed to remain off the record?

It is necessary to state that this opinion comes from one who does not have a background in the legality of the situation. As far as allowing the individual to remain off the record, I am unsure how that is even possible. The individual was quoted at a time prior to the suit and when the individual was in communication with Philip Morris, this Deep Cough had agreed to go on the record with his or her comments.

2. What standards of evidence should journalists doing investigative work demand from their sources and documents?

It seems a factor that allowed for the conflict was a lack of credibility whether that be the research efforts of Philips or his sources that did not appropriately inform him of the process of making cigarettes.

3. How should other news organizations that covered the libel suit have reported it?

This may seem foolish but there really only seems to be a low number of ways this suit could have been covered. Maybe one could have done investigation in the creation of the product. One option would be to evaluate the legal aspects of the case and evaluate the vast amount of money involved.  Personally, a great story would be to examine either the decline of credibility of ABC News because what would be better than networks having a free pass to slaughter their opposition.