Citizen McCaw Part 2

by davidamelotti

Chapter 4: “Getting the Story”

A television reporter endures insults to make sure Wendy McCaw’s views are included in her report. Eventually, her persistence pays off. How does her persistence result in a better story?

What is most fascinating about this television reporter is that her persistence, her respect of the craft of journalism is exactly what McCaw was forcing out of her paper. She had inherited loyal employees who were dedicated to the uncovering of news and distributing that material in an efficient manner to the general public.

It was McCaw and her lawyer being filmed and while being interviewed by the television reporter. It may be a fair statement that the reporter was in fact being professional, simply trying to pry a solid quote to be later used. Instead of sharing that understanding which one may think would only be natural of an individual affiliated with a newspaper, the lawyer immediately lashed out. You are representing someone and you lash out at a reporter while you are being filmed, how at all could that not come back to hurt you in the future? He was crude; he was blunt and stubborn however this female reporter remained poised and persistent in that she needed a quote.

Ultimately, she would receive a quote that she could later use. This was worthwhile as this allowed for a better news story and maybe allowed for some greater insight into the intensity of the situation. She maintained a sense of professionalism that enabled her to gather the needed information in order for her to return, and develop a story that would more appropriately inform her followers. To take the verbal beating in which she did by McCaw’s lawyer is a prime example of the sacrifice and difficulty being a journalist truly is. Not all stories will be simple to cover and not every elegant quote will come following from the mouths of individuals with ease.