Politcal Ad – Kerry Not Athletic Enough to Possess White House in 2004

by davidamelotti

One of the more intriguing political bloodbaths of the past 100 years may be the Bush/Kerry duel of 2004 – A wholesome native of Massachusetts against the baseball loving, oil rigging Texan. The controversy may be a result of the fierce, intellectual debates, the remnants which can be found on youtube.com. Maybe because it was a clash of two veterans who had proudly served our country were contesting for a chance to further extend their contributions of leadership. If we are being more honest with ourselves, it may because at this time we understand how the Bush 2.0 played out and find ourselves having regrets over what seemed to be nothing shy of an eight year hangover.

The point to all of this rambling is to evaluate the political ads of the time and examine their effectiveness in attaining and retaining the attention of the voting public. One ad in particular that captivated millions, especially conservatives, was an ad produced by the Bush campaign directed at John Kerry.

Kerry at the time was trying to establish himself as not only a veteran who proudly served his nation but as an individual who loved all aspects of life, especially a healthy lifestyle. Footage of Kerry was circulated that revealed the presidential candidate windsurfing. He was laugh and smiling as he presented materials that suggested he enjoyed life to the fullest; he was a thrill seeker.

The Bush campaign saw this clip and took advantage of the opportunity to utilize subliminal messaging in communicating the indecisiveness Kerry displayed in regards to the Ira            q War. The term, “flip-flopper” was used predominately and it was a complete fail for Kerry and his crew.

What is the most fascinating aspect of this ad and many more like it is how the material, the footage of John Kerry was manipulated in a manner to convince the public that he was not a legitimate candidate for the presidency. That is what it seems to come down to, manipulation. Materials or information is uncovered and used out of context to give one party an advantage over another.

What is more alarming is how individuals base their political stances on these commercials. During the heat of the campaign race, it is intimidating turning on the television knowing there will be 10 minutes of programming and almost as much in “he said, she said” political degrading. Instead of placing efforts on showing opposition in a negative light, how about a candidate present their agenda in a clearly organized and well-articulated manner? I know, I’ll continue to dream.

If I could have voted, I would have chosen Bush over Kerry. Not because of this ad, for other, personal reasons that aren’t relevant to this conversation. However, your first time reading this blog you probably thought I had a donkey strung up to a tree in my backyard. No harm in a few jokes, besides, Bush was the best thing for Leno and Letterman. Jay still tries to sneak an oldie in once in a while.