Natural Beauty: Dove

by davidamelotti

In regards to the case discussing Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, I was personally impressed with the concept of showing “every-day” women in an effort to promote all women are beautiful. Personally, I enjoy that normal women were depicted instead of female models because you should not have to strive and even starve yourself to be a certain size. Working in an effort for personal health is one thing, but models can be the extreme. The beauty of the women in the ad was further supported by the commentary made by students in class.

The ad could also be considered as a message directly to all women that all women are beautiful. That is a pretty healthy message. Some critics were cited for believing the campaign was manipulating women because of a potential lack of self-esteem.

In response to the Micro Issue number 3:

It appears that Dove’s motive is to sell these beauty products to women in an attempt to offer them the feeling of being beautiful. Women, like those depicted in the campaign are in fact beautiful but it seems these products being provided to the public are not telling the women to change their physical selves to become beautiful but simply use their product which acts as a morale booster.