Staged Events By Politicians Acceptable When Not Caught

by davidamelotti

If there is one aspect of the provided materials for Wednesday’s class that truly fascinated me, it was the Stephen Colbert piece on the staged event by Paul Ryan. Ryan who was running for Vice President alongside Mitt Romney, staged an event where he went to a local soup kitchen and began to clean dishes. As Colbert would go on to explain with enjoyable humor, Ryan had arrived at the soup kitchen after all had been served and had gone home. In fact, one article stated that Ryan began to wash dishes that had already been cleaned. In the 21st century, it is should not be any secret that events are staged by those running for office but the term “sick” could be applied when candidates are caught in action, lying to the public in which they are hoping to gain votes.

In regards to the Midrange Issue #5, the article, “Visualizing September 11th,” provides a photo of an unknown man falling from one of the towers on the day of the terrorist attack. As #5 instructs, one is asked to compare this photo with the photo taken by Stanley Forman which was of the woman falling from the fire escape which was analyzed earlier in the semester.

The purpose of these photos are to convey a message and develop and emotional relationship with the readers. These photos are effective. Clearly the two are visually similar as there is a living body at the time falling to the ground. This man jumped in an attempt to save his life or maybe out of fear unlike the woman as she was unable to take hold of the fireman in time bore the collapse of the faulty fire escape. As with the Stanley Forman photo, I would run this photo. This photo shows the vulnerable state of the nation and sense has been one of the identifying images of the event. In a way, this picture is one of hope, hope in the mind of this man that he may live, or hope that one day the country will unite and one day be stronger.