Big Daddy Evaluated by TARES Test

by davidamelotti

The Superbowl commercial I selected was Bar Refaelis Big Kiss Go Daddy Commercial. Using the TARES test, one can evaluate the ad on productivity and effectiveness. This commercial can be found on

T: It is difficult to tell what Big Daddy was being truthful about: maybe sex sells or those who fall under the category of nerds truly struggle with women. Clearly the purpose of the 49 second commercial was to fuel conversation that would attract more attention and motivate individuals to visit  

A: – The entire controversy surrounding the commercial was that it lacked authenticity. Why was it necessary to have an attractive blonde model make out with a socially awkward man? They knew it would be effective! was not paying millions of dollars to air that commercial to be the number 1 rated commercial. They knew that by making the viewing audience uncomfortable, they would be memorable and therefore injecting themselves in Monday morning water cooler conversation.  

R: If one is finding it difficult to find the respect for the audience after watching this commercial, that is only natural. Personally, I became frustrated midway through the commercial because it was so blatantly obvious that sex appeal was being used to sell the website. One should feel insulted by how obvious it was made that knows people are foolish enough to accept the method.

E: As stated above in regards to respect, there is a lack of equality between the sender and the receiver as the viewers are the victim to the mindless selling method of the manipulation of sex.

S: Despite my personal frustrations, the social controversy does target whether or not the commercial was socially irresponsible. Is it appropriate for two individuals to be lip-locked for nearly a minute during the Superbowl when many families with children watch spectacle? In that situation, a parent’s job is to parent and can regulate what the child watches by viewing the commercials. Some may find the concept humorous; I did until it went past the 10 second mark. Regardless, this commercial although not the most memorable, it was effective for