My Moral Compass

by davidamelotti

Interestingly enough, the conversation of the difference between morals and ethics led me to my investigation of finding my moral compass. From as early to preschool through my entire high school education, there has always been a religious undertone when having this conversation. Whether I may see sheltered to the world or just unaware in a general sense, I felt morals was a term only applicable to those of a religious affiliation. If just a quick glance is taken at the two words, they seem similar, they are both standards in which one should conduct themselves but is the difference in the origin or is it how these standards become relevant to society.

Regardless, these standards are first established in the home.

My dad is a deacon and my mom is a faithful follower; both in the Catholic Church. It is safe to say, the churches’ teachings were ingrained in my head since I was an infant. I was embraced by my family and offered any opportunity that would help me succeed. Interestingly enough, most of us can say something similar about our families and the sacrifices made for you to achieve desired accomplishments.

I went to school with an individual, we will call him Student 1, and he proclaimed himself to be an Atheist. He was rather rude about the matter as he would go out of his way, calling out individuals for following a certain faith and trying to disprove their religious stance. Although he didn’t believe in a god nor did he have social tact, he did at times demonstrate a set standard, a certain way to conduct himself in public. On his best behavior in class, his actions represented a method in which he had been raised by his family. His parents, both devout in the Catholic Church, they tried developing a morally strong son. However, it was Student 1 who preferred ethics and although his personal reasoning was a bit strange, I would have to agree he was an individual who answered to ethical values.

This isn’t a case of morals being “our word” but it seems ethics is a term that allows the global populous to distribute a common code for everyone to strive to adhere towards.

Simply, my moral compass was instilled and nurtured by my mom and dad and further reinforced by my education during my more formative years. I will never deny that. I can’t in all honesty. It was in school that I could first test all that I had learned from my parents and over the course of the seven years I spent at Chaminade, I have to believe the product that graduated on May 21, 2010 possessed a high moral standard due to his family and learning environment.